History, Hops and Haunts: Discover Historic Downtown Sanford

From history to hops to haunts, Sanford Tours & Experiences offers three walking tours that will excite and entertain you from start to finish!

Downtown Sanford Historical Tour:

This walking tour presented by Sanford Tours & Experiences highlights the history behind the City of Sanford and its finest architectural structures. Take a leisurely stroll as we peel back the layers of what Sanford was and what it has become since the start of its development in 1883. Your tour guide will lead you through years of this invigorating, thriving city with interesting tales of the downtown sector and its leaders. At the end of this hour and a half tour, you will feel like you have lived here all along!

This tour is offered on select Saturdays from 10:30 am – 12:00noon. Tours are limited to groups of fifteen and are suitable for all ages. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes, bring a bottle of water, and plan for the weather as this tour takes place outside. Afterward, be sure to stop by the Magnolia Square farmer’s market!

Must do in Sanford - Historical Tour

Become more intimate with Downtown Sanford – Downtown Sanford Historical Tour.

Craft Beer and History Tour:

Do you prefer a sip of cold beer with your history? Then the Craft Beer and History Tour by Sanford Tours & Experiences is the one for you! Your tour guide Gary Holmes, BJCP certified beer judge and co-owner of the Sanford Home Brew Shop will take you on this tasting tour, rich with historical facts about how Sanford overcame prohibition to become a local brewery destination. Learn about key players, the history of alcohol in Sanford, and ingredients as you sample your choice of local brews from three different establishments: Celery City Craft, Sanford Brewing Company, and Wops Hops Brewing Company. Complete with a behind-the-scenes peek at an operational brewery, this tour is well-crafted and will leave you hoppy!

This tour is offered every Saturday from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm. Tours are limited to a group of ten and all participants must be at least 21 years of age. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and plan for the weather as some of this tour is outdoors.

Must Do in Sanford - Craft Beer & History

Become craft beer savvy – Sanford Craft Beer & History Tour Photo credit: Shelley Allen

Sanford Ghost Tour:

If spirits are more of your thing, then dare to take the Sanford Ghost Tour presented by Sanford Tours & Experiences. As the sun sets across the city, your living tour guide will navigate the alleyways and streets, telling stories of those who walked before us – and still among us. This ghastly collection of stories passed on by locals throughout the years will leave you looking over your shoulder. Included in the tour is a behind-the-scenes trek through an area still haunted by previous tenants. For those who make it through the tour, you are the lucky ones who will live to tell the tales of Sanford’s ghostly residents.

This tour is offered every Friday and Saturday from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm. Tours are limited to a group of twelve and are suitable for all ages. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and plan for the weather as some of this tour is outdoors.

Must Do in Sanford - Ghost Tour

Experience history and hauntings – Sanford Ghost Tours. Photo Credit: thuyvigates.photoshelter.com

With all the tours, tipping your tour guide is appreciated. To book a tour or to learn more about each option, please visit: www.ExperienceSanfordFL.com/tours-experiences or call 407-710-5816.