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Your source for unique and curated experiences in and around Historic Downtown Sanford, Florida! Truly the best way to discover Historic Downtown Sanford, a global travel destination featuring award-winning restaurants, craft breweries, world-class events, art galleries, a spectacular marina, a multi-use scenic trail, and more!

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In partnership with the local businesses and the community, the mission of Sanford Tours & Experiences is to provide fun and friendly tours & experiences that showcase the uniqueness of Sanford, Florida as a destination.
To be the prominent source for tours & experiences in and around Historic Downtown Sanford, Florida.

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Historic Downtown Sanford: Sanford Fire Station (1887) and The Old Jailhouse Sanford (1890)
Monroe Harbour Marina alongside Lake Monroe

About Historic Downtown Sanford, Florida

Referred to as Florida’s “Historic Waterfront Gateway,” Sanford is now a global travel destination.  This gem features award-winning restaurants, craft breweries, gastropubs, world-class events and street festivals, art galleries, a spectacular marina and more!

Incorporated in 1877, Sanford is one of Central Florida’s oldest incorporated cities. Historic Downtown Sanford is admired for its brick lined streets, boutique store-fronts, live oaks, and a significant collection of historic commercial and residential architecture.

Located only  30 minutes north of Orlando in Seminole County, Historic Downtown Sanford offers memory-making experiences for everyone.

Check out the experiences available and learn more the historic downtown are at HistoricDowntownSanford.com