Goldsboro’s Heritage & History Tour

Goldsboro History Tour  – A customized and private journey through Goldsboro’s history!

Come spend some time learning about Goldsboro, a community that serves as a historical center in the pursuit of cultivating its culture and educating generations on its extraordinary history. A historic community in Sanford, FL, Goldsboro was the 2nd all-black incorporated township established by Mr. William Clark in the United States. 2nd only to Eatonville, also here in Central Florida, founded by his brother Joe Clark.
This customized and private journey through Goldsboro History offers a step back in time to learn about:
    • The rise of this thriving community during segregation
    • The Goldsboro trailblazers and the many celebrities that visited or stayed in Goldsboro, including Jackie Robinson
    • The many memorabilia collected over the years to showcase the story of hope, freedom, and independence endured over many years
    • And the demise of Goldsboro, beginning a downward spiral in its community and the loss of identity.

Learn about the rise, fall, and now the rebirth of Goldsboro. This 90-minute Goldsboro history tour starts at 11:00 AM.

Tour admission includes 10% off at Roni’s Breakfast & Lunch – a Goldsboro favorite for delicious soul food, including shrimp & grits, chicken & waffles, and more!



Download a Visitor’s Map of Historic Downtown Sanford.